Using words directly with Chinese and English signs, which is readable and intuitive. When see the Chinese signs, people then can read the English logo pronunciation.  The text structure adopts standard typography, which is rational, simple and clear, reflecting a kind of professional medicine industry, with high-tech and modern sense.  Stable modeling single blue simultaneously has the attributes of the pharmaceutical industry: clean and neat, simple and elegant without losing vitality.  Standard familiar fonts give people a safe, rigorous, serious attitude, and meticulous style.  Simple shape and pure color are adapt to the internal and external visual communication of enterprises.  They can also reflect the standards of a large enterprise, and the development characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry which is mature, rational, introverted, concise and not grandiose.

Enterprise auxiliary sign




Smile pattern with sunny colors for the auxiliary logo of the enterprise, is warm, realistic shape, and reflects the "create smile with heart " business philosophy.  Pidi  pharmaceutical cares for the public, serves the public as this, spread the smile to every corner of the world.  


The corporate culture  


Pidi pharmaceutical advocates "five believes" . It believes science and technology as the force, believes production as the backing, believes market-oriented, believes talent as the fundamental, believes management as the means.  The company has a strong financial strength, high-tech force and a number of high-quality, young and professional talents, using modern scientific means for efficient management, regular quality control and skills training. So that the company has a strong cohesion, vigorous vitality and innovative spirit.  


Pidi pharmaceutical advocates the business philosophy of "create smile with heart", and thus formed a unique corporate culture.  The company will continue to forge ahead with first-class talents, first-class management, first-class service and first-class performance, participate in and promote the development of Chinese medicine with a scientific and rigorous attitude, and bring healthy smile to mankind.  


We are trying to weave the brilliant smile for the world!  

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