Quality Assurance

Rigorous to fully enhance the quality awareness, the product quality as the life of the enterprise.

In pursuit of the concept of work, to create real health products.



The company implements the quality control is the general manager responsibility system.

Take the quality person as the core, responsible for the overall product quality management. To carry out and implement the quality policy of "scientific management and continuous improvement", responsible for establishing and implementing drug quality management laws and regulations, organizing and standardizing the quality management of drug production. Establish and improve the drug quality management system, and monitor the whole process of the system to ensure its effective operation.

The quality management department is responsible for the daily quality management work and the implementation of various quality management functions. It covers the whole product life cycle, including product development, technology transfer, commercial production, product termination and other stages.

The drug quality assurance department consists of inspection center, microbial testing center, physical and chemical center, workshop control room and other institutions with clear functions. It has many advanced instruments and equipment such as high performance liquid chromatograph (waters, Thermo, Shimazu), atomic absorption spectrometer, gas chromatograph, ion chromatograph, infrared spectrometer, automatic intelligent dissolution system, aseptic isolation system, microbial culture real-time monitoring system, etc.

With a sound drug quality control management and training system, the company has a team of more than 80 people with high education, well-trained self-discipline and rich experience in drug assurance and control management, 90% of whom are national licensed pharmacists, and 70% of whom are middle and senior technical personnel. The average age of the staff is 30 years old, young and energetic, active in thinking, serious and willing to accept new things and new challenges.

It is our greatest responsibility to ensure that drug quality risks are under control. Inspire and motivate employees with the mission of "creating smile with heart". The quality mission is always in mind, and the risk is controlled by me. Have a deep understanding of what you are doing and how you are doing it. From the inside out, the "4+1" quality risk control mode has been created, namely four first-class (first-class talent, first-class management, first-class service, first-class performance) and continuous improvement. High standard dynamic management of drug quality risk according to the four strictest requirements.

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