R & D center overview


Our company is a national high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise specialized in drug R & D, production and sales, which has been listed as the top 20 pharmaceutical enterprises in Guangdong Province. Guangdong pharmaceutical R & D Engineering Center (postdoctoral innovation practice base) established by the company in 2011 is composed of the Pharmaceutical College of Sun Yat sen University - bidi pharmaceutical joint laboratory, pharmaceutical research institute, enterprise development department, pilot scale-up workshop and other departments. The project center covers an area of 2000 square meters, with more than 70 fluidized bed coating machines, boiling dryers, high-efficiency wet granulating machines, airflow pulverizers, high-speed tablet presses, pharmaceutical preparation R & D equipment, high-performance liquid chromatography, intelligent dissolution instrument, and rapid moisture analyzer. In order to meet the needs of the first imitation of new varieties, the company's multi-functional API pilot plant is expected to be completed within this year.

R & D team

The R & D center has 81 R & D personnel, including 25 full-time R & D personnel, 2 with senior titles, 25 with intermediate titles, 1 with doctor's degree, 5 with master's degree, and 30 with bachelor's degree. It has formed a R & D innovation and industrialization team with doctor as the discipline leader. In terms of R & D team management, the company has established a good project incentive mechanism and constraint mechanism to ensure the smooth progress of development projects.


In 2007, the company established a research institute and cooperated with India to obtain the manufacturing technology of sustained-release pellets, and took the lead in realizing the industrialization of omeprazole enteric coated pellets in China. The omeprazole pellets produced by the company are used by more than 20 domestic enterprises for the sub packaging of preparations, which has changed the situation that omeprazole pellets in China are dominated by foreign brands. In 2008, the company successfully developed and produced the international advanced coating auxiliary material methacrylic acid ethyl acrylate copolymer water dispersion, which filled in the domestic blank, and the product quality reached the level of German imported products and EU standards

Technology honor


In 2008, the company was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise; in 2010, the company was recognized as Jiangmen engineering technology research and development center;


In 2012, the company was recognized as the engineering technology research and development center of slow controlled release pellets by the Department of science and technology of Guangdong Province and other departments. In 2012, Guangdong Provincial Department of human resources and Social Security approved the establishment of post doctoral innovation practice base of Guangdong bidi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Sun Yat sen University. In 2013, the Department of finance of the Department of science and technology of Guangdong Province approved the establishment of Guangdong oral pellets intestinal targeted release technology innovation center. In 2014, it passed the reexamination of national high-tech enterprise identification.

R & D concept

Innovation is the source of enterprise development, and new products are one of the driving forces of company development. The company always adheres to the development path of "people-oriented, science and technology prosper the factory", and adheres to the new product development strategy of "production generation, reserve generation, research and development generation, research generation", with the combination of medium, long and short-term development mode. The company has always attached great importance to the new


The R & D investment of products shall not be less than 10 million yuan for the R & D of new products every year. In order to avoid the vicious competition and low-level repetition in the pharmaceutical industry, the company mainly focuses on the varieties with less domestic varieties, high technical difficulty and greater market potential in the new dosage forms and new technology investment of drug research and development.

product development


In combination with the development direction of pharmaceutical preparations, the company carries out the development of selected characteristic varieties, and at the same time, carries out the pilot test, pilot test and industrial development of slow and controlled-release technology in the new drug delivery system, especially the membrane controlled-release technology products. Based on the engineering technology research and development center of sustained and controlled release pellets in Guangdong Province, an innovation center of intestinal targeted release technology of oral pellets in Guangdong Province was established to carry out the industrialization research of intestinal targeted release technology. The products developed in the past five years include ornidazole tablets, risucrotatin calcium tablets, losartan potassium tablets, voriconazole tablets, Acarbose Tablets, repaglinide tablets, cefprozil tablets and dry suspensions. The registration and application of these products have been completed. To prepare esomeprazole magnesium enteric coated (pellets) capsules and rabeprazole sodium enteric coated (pellets) by fluidized bed coating technology

Capsule and d-lansoprazole sustained-release capsule, metformin hydrochloride sustained-release tablets and siggliptin phosphate metformin sustained-release tablets, tegrilol tablets, tadalafil


At present, the R & D of tablet, gefitinib tablet and other projects is in the stage of small test, pilot test or application data sorting.


In addition to independent research and development, the company has also established a good cooperative relationship with famous domestic universities and scientific research institutes through the mode of Industry University Research Association, such as the school of pharmacy of Sun Yat sen University, the school of pharmacy of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shandong Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute, Hefei Heyuan pharmaceutical research and development company, Sino American Huatong new drug research institute, and Borui biomedical technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd The company, Shijiazhuang Xinglin Reebok pharmaceutical research and Development Co., Ltd. and other units carried out cooperative research.


In August 2014, the company invested heavily to purchase 1500 square meters of single R & D building in Guangzhou Innovation Base of Tsinghua Science and Technology Park, Panyu District, Guangzhou, and set up the company. The company will make full use of this platform to gather outstanding talents who are interested in the research and development of generic drugs, and carry out scientific and effective work in pharmaceutical research, quality analysis, prescription screening, product small-scale and pilot scale-up.

In recent 5 years, the company has obtained 3 production approvals, 7 new products, 13 patents and 3 national authorized invention patent certificates. The company will increase investment in new drug release technology and strive to make a breakthrough in product development. With the attention of the company's leaders and the efforts of the R & D personnel, the new products developed by the company will be approved and listed in succession in the next few years, which will provide a strong driving force for the company's development and bring better economic and social benefits to the company.

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