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Date of revision: October 1, 2010
         November 30, 2015
Colloidal pectin capsule instruction manual
       Please read the instructions carefully and use them under the guidance of a physician.
【Drug Name】
    Common name: colloidal pectin capsule
    English name: Colloidal Bismuth Pectin Capsules
    Pinyin: Jiaoti Guojiaobi Jiaonang
[Ingredients] The main component of this product is: colloidal pectin, which is a complex composition of pectin and strontium.
【Properties】 This product is a capsule, and the content is yellow granules or powder.
[Indications] This product is suitable for the treatment of peptic ulcer, especially Helicobacter pylori-associated ulcer, and can also be used for chronic superficial and atrophic gastritis.
[Specifications] 50mg in terms of Bi
[Usage and dosage] Oral. Once 100mg ~ 150mg (2 ~ 3), 4 times a day, taken 1 hour before 3 meals and when going to sleep, surrounded by a course of treatment.
[Adverse reactions] Occasionally, nausea, constipation and other gastrointestinal symptoms may occur.
[Contraindications] Allergic to this product and renal insufficiency are prohibited.
    (1) After continuous use of this product for a course of treatment, the symptoms are not relieved or disappeared, please consult a physician.
(2) If there is dark brown dull stool during the medication but no other discomfort, it is normal. The stool color can be changed to normal after 1 to 2 days after stopping the drug.
(3) Do not take other sputum preparations while taking this product, and this product should not be taken in large doses for a long time.
[Pregnant women and lactating women] Pregnant women are banned. Breastfeeding women should stop breastfeeding when applying this product.
[Child medication] is not clear.
[Geriatric medication] is not clear.
[Drug interaction] This product should not be taken with antacids, milk and H2 receptor blockers, otherwise it will reduce the efficacy.
[Drug overdose] If this product is taken for a long time in large doses, it will cause sputum poisoning, which is characterized by dark brown skin. It should be stopped immediately and properly treated.
[Pharmacology and Toxicology] This product is a gastrointestinal mucosal protective drug. After oral administration, a sol is formed in the stomach. The sol has a strong affinity with the ulcer surface and the inflammatory surface, and can form an effective protective film, isolating gastric acid, protecting the damaged mucous membrane, and stimulating secretion of mucus by the gastrointestinal mucosal epithelial cells, promoting epithelialization. The cells repair themselves. This product has excellent adhesion to damaged mucous membranes. This product can still kill Helicobacter pylori.
[Pharmacokinetics] This product is slightly absorbed in the intestine after oral administration, and the blood drug concentration and urine drug concentration are extremely low. Most of the product is excreted with feces. Traces of strontium are mainly distributed in tissues such as liver and kidney, and are mostly in the kidneys, mainly through renal excretion. [Storage] shading, sealed (10 ~ 30 ° C) preservation.
[Packing] aluminum-plastic packaging, 12 capsules per box; 24 capsules per box.
[Validity Period] 24 months
[Executive Standards] "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" 2015 Edition 2
[Approval No.] National Drug Standard H20059181
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