Actively carry out exploratory research to guide enterprises to improve drug quality


A few days ago, China National Institute for Food and Drug Control (CNDA) opened a column on its official website to reprint the exploratory research of drug inspection institutions on some national drug samples. The exploratory research methods and related results of 49 varieties, such as Levcetirizine hydrochloride tablet, Weikangling capsule, and low-density polyethylene medical eye drops bottle, will be published in the future according to the progress of sampling work.

In recent years, the national drug sampling inspection adhering to the problem-oriented, on the basis of testing drugs in accordance with the legal standards, targeted to carry out some of the exploratory research related to the quality of drugs, in order to find the internal factors affecting drug quality. Exploratory research plays an important role in identifying adulteration, cracking down on illegal production and improving national drug standards, etc. Meanwhile, it also provides more exclusive methods and references for enterprises to further carry out follow-up technical research on drug quality.

The disclosure of exploratory research on drug sampling and testing aims to prompt relevant drug manufacturers to pay attention to their own product quality and related information, take the initiative to implement the main responsibility of drug manufacturers, conduct serious investigation and in-depth research, timely improve the possible problems, and continuously improve drug quality. Opening exploratory research is related to the drug inspection institutions for their different risk point in sampling varieties and potential problems of the examination methods and carrying out the scientific research results. The pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical research institutions, news media and all walks of life focus on drug quality and safety through the column about varieties of exploratory research on the latest progress.

The CFDA ordered provincial food and drug regulatory authorities to strengthen supervision and management of relevant enterprises, urge and guide enterprises to conduct inspections and rectification, and comply with production requirements to ensure drug quality and safety.

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