Good news/the company's "enalapril maleate tablets" passed the consistency evaluation


On February 22, 2022, the company received the Notification of Approval of Supplementary Application for Drugs with the name of "enalapril maleate tablets" (specification: 10mg) approved and issued by the State Drug Administration, indicating that the drug passed the consistency evaluation of generic drug quality and efficacy, which is the first product approved by the company for consistency evaluation. "Enalapril maleate tablet" is mainly used for the treatment of hypertension and heart failure. It is an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor widely used in the domestic market at present. The approval of this drug consistency evaluation is the result of the joint efforts of the company's R&D department and production department. I believe that with this successful experience, more varieties will pass the consistency evaluation, which lays a good foundation for the rapid improvement of the company's performance.

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