Li Baozhen, Director of the Standing Committee of Kaiping Municipal People's Congress, visited our company to carry out research work


In the afternoon of March 24, Li Baozhen, director of the Standing Committee of Kaiping Municipal People's Congress, led a team to visit our company to carry out research work, deeply understand the enterprise development plan and listen to the demands of enterprises. Feng Wuzhan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yueshan Town, and Lu Cai'e, Chairman of the People's Congress of Yueshan Town, were accompanied.

Yin Jinxi, the executive deputy general manager of the company, Luo Yongchi, the deputy general manager, and Liu Xiaolan, the deputy general manager, attended the research symposium. This survey has two contents, one is to send policies to enterprises, and the other is to help enterprises solve difficulties. At the meeting, Director Li pointed out the spirit of the document "18 Articles" of Kaiping Enterprise Service Year to warm up enterprises. In order to implement the work deployment of the municipal party committee and the municipal government on "Enterprise Service Year", optimize the investment and business environment, relevant departments formulated various supporting measures to encourage enterprises to become bigger and stronger. We hope that our company will carefully interpret the spirit of the document, and if it meets the requirements, we can apply, and relevant departments will support and guide us. At the same time, Director Li is particularly concerned about our development plan and current difficulties. President Yin made a brief report on this and proposed that the company would like to establish a raw material production workshop in Cuishanhu New Area in the future, hoping to get the guidance and support of the superior departments in terms of relevant support policies. After listening to the report, Director Li said that the relevant functional departments will give full play to their support and guidance role to help the company solve difficulties and difficulties. Under the guidance and care of the superior leaders, our company is confident to strive towards a higher and stronger goal and contribute to the development of the city's big health industry.

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