Scientific epidemic prevention, warm heart protection, the company distributes epidemic prevention materials to employees


Recently, with the adjustment of epidemic prevention and control policies and the increasing number of infected people, the risk of infection faced by employees is gradually increasing. In order to maximize the safety and health of employees, and at the same time help employees solve the problem of difficulty in purchasing drugs. After days of rush production, the company distributed a series of epidemic prevention materials to each employee at the first time, including two boxes of Pino-paracetamol pseudoephedrine tablets (I) produced by the company, 30 bags of cefaclor granules and a box of protective masks. In the face of the problem that antigens are hard to find in the market today, the company has tried every means to purchase a batch of COVID-19 antigen kits, which have been distributed to all departments and workshops, and are ready to be used by employees in need, building a defense line for employees' epidemic resistance and health.
After receiving these "timely drugs", the employees of the company expressed their gratitude to the company for its care. At this tense time, the company could receive the urgently needed epidemic prevention supplies, which was a "timely help" for the company. The employees also said that they must overcome the difficulties with the company, work hard while doing a good job of self-protection, and strive to contribute to the high-quality development of Petit!
The distribution of epidemic prevention materials reflects the company's respect and care for the life and health of all employees, and truly realizes the people-oriented corporate culture. Here, I wish every employee good health and everything goes well. In this special period, let all of us Petit people play the power of the company's "create with heart and smile", unite our hearts, keep healthy, and fight the epidemic together!

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