The leadership team of Guangdong Medical University went to our company for cooperation and exchange


    On the morning of April 25, the standing committee of the party committee, vice President of Guangdong Medical University, Kuang WeiHong with pharmacy school dean and related personnels visited our company for cooperation and communication. The team aimed to deep understand recruitment requirements, further strengthen in the talent training and practice base construction, and the scientific research cooperation exchanges.  Company executive deputy general manager Yin Jinxi, vice general manager Luo Yongchi warmly received.  


    At the exchange forum, President Kuang introduced the general situation of Guangdong Medical University, focusing on the main achievements of Guangdong Medical University in recent years in school-enterprise cooperation, talent cultivation, employment and entrepreneurship of graduates.  President Kuang said that as an "old friend" of PIDI, the University highly recognized the promising internship and employment platform and excellent teaching ability provided by the company for students.  Luo said, Guangdong Medical University has a high level of teaching facilities and distinctive school characteristics, The future cooperation between the two sides will be large, combined with the actual situation of the company and the current human resources planning, from the pharmaceutical production process, quality management, product research and development.

    Afterwards, the two sides had an in-depth discussion on how to deepen cooperation between schools and enterprises in talent exchange and training, student internship and employment, scientific research projects and other aspects. Both sides believe that the talent demand concept of the enterprise is very consistent with the educational purpose of the university. Both sides hope to take this exchange as an opportunity to complement each other's advantages, accurately connect and deepen cooperation, provide students with a better internship and employment platform, and provide enterprises with more excellent and professional talents in the industry. In the next step, the two sides will carry out in-depth exchanges, clarify cooperation projects, actively promote cooperation in teaching and scientific research, build a school-enterprise cooperation platform, and achieve real win-win cooperation. 

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