Liang Jianfen, deputy mayor of Kaiping, visited our company for investigation


On the morning of December 16, Liang Jianfen, deputy mayor of Kaiping, led a team to our company to carry out the investigation of epidemic prevention materials, accompanied by Yu Xiangyang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and mayor of Yueshan Town. The research symposium was held in the company's conference room 3. Yin Jinxi, the company's executive deputy general manager, and Luo Yongchi, the deputy general manager, attended the symposium. At the meeting, Mr. Yin reported the production, sales and inventory of our common anti-epidemic drugs and disposable masks, such as colds, anti-bacterial and anti-viral drugs, and said that at the critical moment of the current national anti-epidemic, the company will make every effort to ensure the stability of the market supply and price stability of relevant products. In the face of the epidemic, our company took full advantage of its own advantages and went all out to strengthen measures, ensure supply and make contributions. Mayor Liang fully affirmed this and proposed that in the face of the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, we hope that enterprises will actively fulfill their social responsibilities, serve the overall situation of local epidemic prevention and control, and guide employees to establish a correct awareness of epidemic prevention. Under the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention and production safety, the company strives to improve production efficiency and ensure the production and supply of epidemic prevention drugs. We firmly believe that under the correct leadership of the superior departments, we will gather a strong joint force to fight the epidemic and contribute our own efforts to win the epidemic.

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