Liang Xilian, deputy director of Jiangmen Social Security Bureau, and his delegation visited our company for investigation


On the morning of December 15, Liang Xilian, deputy director of Jiangmen Social Security Fund Administration, and Zhen Wenhan, director of Kaiping Social Security Fund Administration, visited our company to investigate the implementation of social security policies and publicize the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress. The research symposium was held at the party and mass center of the company. Luo Yongchi, the vice general manager of the company, and relevant personnel of the company's social security business attended the meeting. At the meeting, Director Liang asked in detail whether the enterprise knew the policies of reducing the rate of social security and stabilizing the return of posts, and learned about the cost saved by our company's preferential policies. President Luo said that the social security preferential policy has a substantive effect on enterprises. The social security department is very timely, in place and efficient in implementing the policy and handling business, which has brought great convenience to enterprises.


Finally, Director Liang asked what doubts and difficulties the enterprise had in the social security business. In this regard, the company's participants raised questions about the renewal of retirement employees' insurance and the transfer of medical insurance, and the leaders of the Social Security Bureau answered the questions one by one. The exchange content of this symposium is comprehensive and practical, enabling enterprises to further understand the preferential policies of social security, which will greatly help companies to timely enjoy the policies, social security declaration and other aspects.

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