Liu Jie, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangmen Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, visited our company for investigation


On the morning of November 23, Liu Jie, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangmen Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, led a team to visit our company to carry out research work. Yu Wenfeng, member of the Standing Committee of the Kaiping Municipal Party Committee, Xie Shaomou, secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Jiangmen Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, and Yu Xiangyang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Yueshan Town, accompanied the survey. Luo Yongchi, deputy general manager of the company, and Situ Weitong, deputy general manager, attended the research symposium. At the meeting, Mr. Luo outlined the company's production, research and development, sales and other basic information. After carefully listening to the report, Liu got a preliminary understanding of the overall operation of the company, and proposed that relevant departments should further optimize the investment and business environment, increase government support, and encourage enterprises to become bigger and stronger.

At the same time, Standing Committee Liu paid special attention to the development planning and current difficulties of the enterprise. President Luo made a brief report on this, put forward the company's development intention to establish a raw material base, and said that the superior departments should closely contact with the enterprise in their daily work and give great help in policy support and work guidance. In this regard, Liu said that the relevant functional departments should give full play to their support and guidance role, effectively help the company solve difficulties and difficulties, and realize the win-win and development of the government and enterprises. Under the guidance and care of the superior leaders, our company is confident to strive towards a higher and stronger goal and contribute to the development of the city's big health industry.

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