Popularize fire protection knowledge and enhance safety awareness


In order to further strengthen the fire safety education, improve the fire safety awareness of employees, and enhance the fire prevention and self-rescue ability. On the morning of October 20, 2022, our company, together with the fire brigade of Yueshan Town, Kaiping City, carried out a fire escape training drill. A total of 68 employees from all departments of the company participated in the fire drill.
Before the drill, Yin Jinxi, the executive vice general manager of the company, made a mobilization speech, stressing the importance of fire safety, and hoped that employees would actively participate in the drill and seriously learn fire knowledge. This fire drill is divided into two parts. The first part is the fire emergency evacuation drill, which simulates the evacuation and emergency rescue in case of fire. The whole drill process was orderly and rapid, and the training staff initially mastered the basic methods of escape, self-rescue and mutual rescue in danger.

The second content of the drill is the operation of fire-fighting equipment. First of all, the fire instructor systematically explained the fire characteristics, fire extinguisher use methods and fire fighting points to the staff. Immediately, the fire instructor lit the torch to simulate the fire scene, and the staff practiced to extinguish the fire. The enthusiasm of the training staff was high, and they went to the drill one by one, and the firefighters pointed out the positions of each staff and the key points of fire fighting on the spot.

Through this drill, the employees have mastered the initial fire fighting skills, enhanced their fire safety awareness, and achieved the expected training effect.

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