Jiangmen Industrial Research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Sciences visited our company for investigation


In order to deeply connect with local parks and enterprises, support and serve the technological innovation and development of the industry, on the morning of September 27, Lin Zhanjiang, president of Jiangmen Industrial Technology Research Institute, Guangdong Academy of Sciences, and Li Jinxiang, Cuishan Lake Economic Promotion Bureau, and a delegation of four people visited our company for research and exchange. The research meeting was held in the company's conference room 3. Luo Yongchi, the company's deputy general manager, and Situ Weitong, the deputy general manager, attended the meeting. At the meeting, President Luo introduced the company's business situation, product structure, research and development status, and exchanged views with President Lin on the fierce competition and national policies in the pharmaceutical industry such as the national economic policy of the pharmaceutical industry, the industrial chain of raw materials, the evaluation of drug consistency, and the development characteristics of the generic pharmaceutical industry. After the meeting, President Lin and his delegation also visited the company's drug research institute and pilot plant, and gave a pertinent evaluation. The company has always attached great importance to scientific research and innovation. Through this research and exchange, it has deepened the communication between the enterprise and Jiangmen Institute of Industry and Research, and hopes that there will be further opportunities for industry-university-research cooperation in the future.

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