Li Wencong, Vice Chairman of the Jiangmen CPPCC, led a team to visit our company for research


On the morning of April 19, Li Wencong, a member of the Party Leadership Group and Vice Chairman of the Jiangmen Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, led a team to visit our company to carry out research, deeply understand the development of the enterprise, and warmly discussed the topic of the pharmaceutical industry chain. Yin Jinxi, the executive vice general manager of the company, gave a warm reception. The research meeting was conducted in the form of a symposium. At the meeting, Mr. Yin briefed the research team on the company's history, production and operation and development plan. After listening to the report, Chairman Li fully affirmed the company's development performance and important contributions to the local economic development, and also asked about the difficulties faced by the company's current development, for which President Yin expressed his gratitude. The two sides had in-depth exchanges with the research team on industrial integration and supply chain integrity of pharmaceutical enterprises. General Yin believed that, with the aging of the population and the improvement of health awareness in China, the biomedical association is a rising and prosperous industry, and will play an increasingly important role in national production. He introduced the current situation of industrial clusters in Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other powerful pharmaceutical provinces to Chairman Li, and proposed that Guangdong Province and Jiangmen City could learn from and draw on their industrial development ideas, and train pharmaceutical majors in colleges and universities The government has put forward a series of suggestions on introducing excellent talents, vigorously attracting investment from key chemical and biological enterprises in other provinces, and the layout of bio-pharmaceutical industrial parks. The research team expressed its gratitude for the company's contributions and suggestions, said that it would have the opportunity to further discuss this in the future, and also encouraged the company to further explore its own advantages, improve its own industrial chain, continuously increase its strength, and make greater contributions to the city's great health cause.

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